Top 5 - Winter Must Haves!

Happy New Year! I hope by now you all are settled into 2021. Now that we finally have a new president, it’s safe to say that this new year is only looking up! Last year was so hard on so many of us so I am so happy to be starting fresh and ready to tackle whatever 2021 has in store! Many of us are still quarantining and have had lots of time to get familiar with new brands and products so I’m excited to share what I’ve been loving on during these cold winter months.

A good friend of mine introduced me to this first brand some months ago and I’m so impressed by them. They go by the name “Elle Vie” and they have a line of Shea Body Butters that I’m completely obsessed with. These body butters are made with Jojoba and Vitamin E Oil and are extremely moisturizing on the skin. They don’t feel heavy and artificial like other body butters I’ve used in the past. The butter actually absorbs into your skin and doesn’t just sit on the surface. I tend to get super ashy on my legs and feet, so I love to use this body butter right out of the shower when I’m still a little damp. My skin stays smooth throughout the day. This brand also has body oils, body scrubs and shower gels, all made with natural ingredients. Did I mention they’re a black owned business?! Check them out and thank me later.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I am loving Ancient Cosmetics and all of their products! They legit have something for all skin types and all skin concerns. Since mask has now become life, my face has been super dry and has taken a major hit. I recently got put on to our next must have, the Crystal Clear Rose Water Face Mist, and haven’t been able to put it down since. I love using it mid-day for an extra pick-me-up before hopping on a Zoom meeting, or before running an errand. It is safe enough for my sensitive, acne prone skin, which remains hydrated for hours, and gives me an instant glow.  

Pantene Gold Series Hydrating Butter Crème is the next winter must have because I absolutely love it! This product is part of the “Gold Series” collection from Pantene, which was created for natural, relaxed, or transitioning hair by black doctors and scientists who understand our hair textures. I love to use this product after washing, while my hair is wet, but also when my hair is dry and/or in a protective style. It instantly adds so much moisture without weighing down my hair. It is literally just like butter and melts into my strands. There are no harsh chemicals, and it smells really pleasant. This cold weather usually has my hair extra dry and begging for some hydration, but this product has helped bring some life back into my tresses!  

Okay, now I’m really about to put you guys on! If you know me, you know my natural eyelashes are long and curly. Although many THINK it’s a blessing, it truly SUCKS, especially when applying lashes. I have to straighten my lashes, then apply the false lash, then curl it together for them to look decent. Yeah, I know! But even when I’m not wearing lashes, women are constantly asking if I am. The secret is Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara! This is the best mascara on the planet! It comes in two different shades and without even layering, you will see a significant increase in volume and depth. It dries in a solid form, so there’s absolutely no smudging, and it literally just glides off with some water when you’re ready to wash your face. There is no mess, and it’s low key fun sliding it off LOL! For 24 bucks, you can have liquid lash extensions!  When you buy it, please reach out to me so you can tell me how much you love it!

Our last winter must have is of course our very own Original Gloss Experts “E.O.E” matte lipstick. This universal shade works well with any skin tone and can bring you from afternoon brunch, to nighttime turn up (not that there’s any of that going on). Now you know our glosses are vegan, cruelty free and made with ingredients meant to nourish and hydrate our lips, such as grapeseed and jojoba oil. Our matte lipsticks are just as great! They contain Vitamin E oil, and although they are long lasting and super quick drying, they’ll be working overtime making sure you look good, and that your lips are being cared for. E.O.E. is a brownish red shade that can be an everyday go to look, or used to make a statement, depending on your style! 

Be sure to check out all the items mentioned above and thank me later! See you next time!

XO, Olaedo

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