About OGE 
At Original Gloss Experts, we believe that lip beauty and lip care go hand in hand. Homemade, vegan and cruelty free - we’ve formulated our line to keep lips healthy and beautiful. We only use ingredients that penetrate the surface, hydrate skin, naturally plump the lip and promote circulation and blood flow. Our products look great on you and are good for you. 

OGE was created for everyone: every lip size, shape and color. Use our liners and glosses to create subtle or more daring, bold looks. Rock your favorite shade - we want you to feel confident, flirty, playful, sexy and empowered to be your true self. 

Gloss up, gorgeous! xoxo

About Olaedo

Self-care and beauty mean everything to me. My love for glosses started at a young age. Growing up in a Nigerian household, I wasn’t encouraged to wear or experiment with makeup but having lip gloss in my bag was essential. Back then, I always rocked a classic clear gloss. As I got older, I started expressing myself through make up and practicing self-care. I stepped out of my shell, embraced my full lips and began exploring bolder looks and colors. 

I started Original Gloss Experts because of my love for lip gloss and make up but I felt that the beauty industry didn’t focus enough on lip care and overall wellness. I want to know exactly what’s going onto my lips and be confident that the ingredients are clean and beneficial to my lip health.

Being a first-generation woman of color living in New York, I’m inspired by the city, fellow entrepreneurs and my homegirls who always hold me down. Their influence is present in every product I’ve created. When I wear my liners and glosses, I feel confident, sexy and free. My lips feel hydrated, supple and cared for. I can't wait to share that with you! <3